Our take on Digital Transformation

Our take on Digital Transformation

Success Story  ·  March 2020 Por Diana Morales, Leader UX en OSA.

‘Stressful rollouts still haunt so many business leaders making them wary of all innovation processes to come’. That’s why when we talk about transforming, we think people first.

Digital transformation is nowadays a multichannel offering, with almost everyone giving lectures about it: universities, consultant firms, even industry gurus.

Regardless, we’d like to share our take on digital transformation, and it’s a tale about our service in one of our Latam clients.

To put you in context, digital paradigms faced for this project were not good at all: the country in which we implemented our services, has one of the lower connectivity rates in the region, with only a 50% of internet access in the last measured year 2015 (CEPAL).

We were then set to test our Download & Walk methodology once again in an industry leading business, an automotive retail player needing a technological solution that could allow visibility and control over the supply chain.

Through our diagnosis methods we could detect the digital gaps and define a ‘minimal necessary customization’ for our solution to be adopted by the whole team, in the fastest possible way.

Results speak for themselves:

Thing is, from our first prospecting visit up to the project proposal approval and roll out, we took longer than actually making the company work with our platforms autonomously and with over 99% fulfillment rates (correctly completed process by average user). Over 9,000 transactions were done each month, for the whole 4 months we took during the whole transformation.

This is not about investigating for too long, it's about stressing the team less.

We’ve seen similar processes with achievements alike, but the main differences were found in the times involved, possibility of increasing solution proposals, and, best of all, ‘the gratitude and appreciation of every person involved, for reducing the time spent in their everyday labor’.

That’s a key element, and something usually lost during so many digital solution implementations! Stressful rollouts still haunt so many business leaders making them wary of all innovation processes to come.

On the good side, current tendencies, based mostly on Toyota Production System (TPS) working formats, commonly known as Lean, are shaping the way of making businesses work among the occidental world, specifically in Latam.

Many Lean techniques and tactics, such as on site analysis and direct on site assist, along with the creation of interdisciplinary solutions, are common sense for true transformation advocates, as the digital media is just as any other tool.

None of this would work, though, without rigorous control, and that’s where our validation of digital transformation takes form. We measure if our users are capable of using our platforms through success or failure rates. Note that 99% fulfillment rate was a really positive surprise, given that their individual education levels varied from engineering degrees to unschooled.

And last, but not least (in fact the most important), our users’ testimonials: (names and positions intentionally omitted)

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