Up to 3 times faster: Counting stock with OSA has been a REALLY good experience!

Up to 3 times faster: Counting stock with OSA has been a REALLY good experience!

Success Story  ·  October 2021 Por Diana Morales, Leader UX en OSA.

Sure, numbers speak for themselves when using OSA Andes to improve the operation. But the real deal is the joy of being there, working alongside everyday users. In OSA, we like it when you like it.

Dercocenter, one of automotive business top drivers in Chile, kept growing. That meant sales growth, therefore, an increment of workload for every person within the logistic operation trying to fulfill the company’s high quality service standards. But a lot of that workload was due to redundancies and lack of digitalization.

Víctor Soto and Felipe Ponce, both metropolitan area supervisors at Dercocenter, needed to access the ERP the day before, check for every systemic position to be in order and fix all pending processes in the queue. Next day they needed to arrive earlier to print the whole stock list, then meet with all supervisors and start the stock count.

“Everyone teamed up with a partner and set off to count every vehicle carrying around 5 to 6 pages of info and a pen. I’m talking about 60 to 70 cars for their stores and another 70 to 80 cars in their warehouse stockyards. Then we had to wait until everyone was done and came back so we could match it up in the system. We could spend half the day doing this!”, Víctor tells us.

But you can count on OSA’s arrival to shake things up for the better.

Times needed to be sharpened up, just the job for our OSA Andes App.
“By 8:30 we’re counting stock, in a couple hours or less we’re already done. Everyone receives their list individually, so anyone can start at their own pace without the need of previously coordinating face to face, and in any case of disarray, the customer service team is always there to help.

Besides it’s easy to use, friendly, comprehensive and it’s constantly improving, adding features and functions we need, like that time when we needed to justify the inventory status of a group of cars that were out for auction”, Víctor adds happily after being able to cut down his counting stock times by two thirds.

Now that up to a 300 units stock per site during busy months can be easily audited in less than 2 hours, the time savings have been proven vital for all workers.

“I love this app thing. We no longer have to drill through paperwork, everything goes right up the computer, no need to re-type anything. All inventory matching is digital. Even without internet access in the stockyard you can still use it and it has no user limit, so I can just add any new worker who may join in.

Being honest, it has been of great help in every ambit”, Felipe Ponce say thankfully, without missing any chance to ask for some additional features and tweaks to improve the App’s performance, which is great because it shows we’re growing alongside, listening to their operational needs and building our platform in accordance to their feedback as users, and as people.

Because when it’s about designing OSA, people always come first.

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