Unit history log: Fresh new OSA Andes module lands in SALFA AutYCam

Unit history log: Fresh new OSA Andes module lands in SALFA AutYCam

News  ·  May 2023 Por Diana Morales, Leader UX en OSA.

A module designed for on site consulting of all data on every vehicle, in an easy and friendly way, granting all users complete access to transparent information on every unit. Just what they needed!

For a while now, we had been working on a module that helps visualize every vehicle’s whole history in OSA, at first aiming at bringing aid to car dealerships when trying to identify and manage vehicles with anomalies or longer availability in stock.

Meanwhile, and by sheer will of the fate, SALFA AUTyCAM’s PDI yard in Vespucio’s workers needed to know every vehicle’s past history when they first arrived, in order to manage them appropriately.

So we sped up this module’s release while changing focus towards a real problem that needed solving.

From now on, SALFA PDI Yard’s workers can instantly know where their vehicles are coming from and also what has happened to them during each step of the supply chain.

Another great leap forward for our continuous improvement plan for a more transparent and horizontal data availability!

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