Labelling stock count vs. the large unit variety in the machinery sector.

Labelling stock count vs. the large unit variety in the machinery sector.

Success Story  ·  April 2022 Por Diana Morales, Leader UX en OSA.

At OSA we know units in sectors like “Machinery & Equipment” have multiple differences and sometimes even finding the serial number can be hard. So this time, while improving the operation, we’re met with another challenge: standardization.

Expanding our influence within Derco, we reach Dercomaq, one of the top industry leaders in the machinery retail sector in Chile, representing 40 different brands, with more than 25 subsidiaries among stores and dealers across Chile.

This time, and with the help of Eduardo Navarro, Subsidiaries Supervisor, and Andrés Pailahueque, Operations Supervisor, we face a stock audit with new challenges.

“Checking the serial number for every machine takes time, they’re all pretty far away from each other and searching for them it’s a whole different thing, sometimes you’ll find it beneath the machine, sometimes you have to climb over it.”- they warn us.

The large variety and differences among equipment has pushed the industry to have a very well exercised ‘standardizing’ muscle. OSA connected with the previously established culture and addressed them to re-label all units using a Zebra printer and weather-proof tags, but this time, with an easy-to-scan standard code.

“We used to team up in couples for counting stock, we needed a total of 20 people just for counting at HQ. Then the re-typing stretched the process and the count got lost. You finished one month’s count and the next month’s sales we’re already starting”

Today, with OSA Andes, they just need 10 people counting stock in HQ, making it faster and being able to close the cycle in time.

“Now there’s no re-typing, we got rid of the paper. Everything is so easy to visualize and always available online. Also we can include all dealers now!”- Eduardo and Andrés celebrate.

Aware that there’s still much to be done, adapting the operation to take full advantage of the potential speed improvement, standardizing unassembled subunits and expanding the labelling to the rest of the operation; we look forward to surpassing these new challenges successfully.

We thank Dercomaq for allowing us to plant our flag in the machinery and equipment sector!

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