Bringing Biosafety into latin-american automotive retail industry

Bringing Biosafety into latin-american automotive retail industry

News  ·  July 2020 Por Diana Morales, Leader UX en OSA.

During crisis, reaction time must be swift and decisions need to go hand in hand with the experts view. With OSA, we’re already keeping work environments in check, based on most recent Biosafety protocols!

It’s safe to say no one remains indifferent to the way the sanitary crisis and COVID-19 has affected the way companies work, from first to last mile.

Within the many lessons these difficult times have taught us, stands out the fact that it seems impossible to meet fundamental sanitary standards without a culture of control, and it’s now more than ever, when control has become vital to protect the health of our workers, clients and therefore, everyone else’s.

One of our clients, Derco, witness to our capabilities for controlling various company processes, summoned our product “OSA America” to be their Biosafety control enforcing platform for all venues in Latin America. Since then we’ve been working on making sure branch venues as well as distribution warehouses are meeting sanitary indications delivered by international tier regulations.

While doing this we have been able confirm once more one of our hypothesis: A technological solution, designed for control, will not be able to really control a working environment until it’s operating under culture of control.

Present crisis has driven a sense of urgency upon many companies, about acquiring such desired cultural shift, for now it’s seems evident that the true value of a Biosafety control solution rests in the ‘know how’ to integrate it quick and organically into the company’s culture..

With already 40 days of OSA America operation, controlling 11 venues all across Bolivia, Peru and Colombia, having already detected and allowed swift management of around 466 Biosafety breaches, and having protected over 2000 people; the road for this automotive retail giant stands laid out for whenever infection rates drop and we’re allowed to reactivate the industry.

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