New feature: Current Stock!

New feature: Current Stock!

News  ·  November 2020 Por Diana Morales, Leader UX en OSA.

We realized some of our clients needed to record their constant fast-paced stock change, feeding the data into a reliable open inventory, and the ERP wasn’t up to it. For operations that run rampant, something needed to be done. And we did.

Long story short. Chile liberated part of the retirement fund as a quick cash relief for the entire population during the sanitary crisis, and people used it for lots of things like paying debts, household upkeep, long due medical procedures, and also an unprecedented barrage of demand for motorcycles.

Some wanting a way to work on deliveries, some searching for a nimbler way of transport, and some trying to fulfill a dream of independence fueled by rock music and biker movies, doesn’t matter, they wanted specific motorbikes and they wanted them now.

Now here’s the thing, due to the same crisis, our chilean clients’ stock was at its lowest!

So now all subsidiaries are trading units all over the country, stirring up the inventory, changing stock positions at a ludicrous pace to accommodate to sales and problems are showing up.

Although our Inventory Audit module is able to keep track of everything that has changed position, the audit result is fed back onto the operation’s ERP, so further consultations are not immediate.

But now they can be!

Our new Current Stock Feature focuses on giving stock visibilization to all users based on recent data inputs to OSA Andes, whether they come from the app users or the company’s ERP.

In this way, after a subsidiary uploads their stock they contrast it with the rest of the network in real time.

Your ERP is falling behind? Consult your inventory in OSA Andes. We’ll be as up to date as you can get.

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