To achieve store status visibility, we had to make it 10 times better

To achieve store status visibility, we had to make it 10 times better

Success Story  ·  January 2020 Por Diana Morales, Leader UX en OSA.

Tottus required to accelerate its control process in stores, an unfeasible task with the people and tools it had. For this, OSA proposed its Audit application, OSA America, which managed to apply the controls of an entire year in just 11 months.

The year was 2017 and local retailer Tottus’ comptroller was struggling due to narrow coverage over store evaluations. Meanwhile, administrative paperwork consumed team efforts and the challenging goals set by the board demanded a more active presence in subsidiaries in order to strengthen Internal Control culture.

César Segura, Tottus’ brand new Chief of Audit, knew it was imperative to rethink the ways things were done. “Reports took around 2 or 3 weeks to be done, and we needed to upgrade our communication opportunities, which demanded us to deliver in just 2 days, that is to say, we had to do our job 10 times better!”

The cry for help was answered with haste by OSA’s team. Motivated by this chance to improve the audit process quality, we came up, along with César and his crew, with the concept for a new solution, which evolved, took form and became structured later on.

“It was a rocky road to success, but OSA always stayed close, managing improvements and requirements with utmost diligence. The result was not only very well received within the team, the whole Falabella holding group could bear witness of the quality of work and our platforms”, César recalls.

“Before starting with the project we used to have a yearly coverage for 22 stores, but now we’re aiming for 130 store audits in one year. Today we can diagnose store control environment in real time, allowing us to promptly inform the board any critical aspects that seem recurring nationwide, identifying further opportunities by zones. I mean, the new visibility over our control can dig much deeper than the one we had 2 years ago.”

“Now we’re setting 2020’s goals based on the data OSA America has allowed us to surface. I’m very thankful for their thoroughness, constant presence and their fluent communication. They have been key to this process, if anyone ever doubted the OSA team, they better start eating those words.”

Thank you César and everyone who trust us the job of making your work better!

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